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Mobile Billing in Russia, Poland and Malaysia / Apache Server Update

Mobile Billing in Russia, Poland and Malaysia

We are proud to announce that we are now able to convert your mobile traffic from Russia, Poland and Malaysia. The mobile markets are very strong in all of these countries, the mobile penetration is high and also the customers are using many mobile online services.

After a 2-week test, we saw very respectable conversion rates in the new countries. SexGoesMobile offers the new payment system immediately to all webmasters without any additional integration effort. The actual templates are working also for these new countries.

Very Important: Apache Server Update

During the last days we have noticed, that some mobile templates of our webmaster are not displayed correctly like before.

The reason for this update is an Apache server update, which has been deployed by many hosting companies. This update disabled an important feature for the mobile template.

The Function: allow_url_fopen and allow_url_include are now disabled by default.

This change disabled the JSON interface function in mobile template. The result is a mobile page with no content. To resolve this problem it is necessary to set Local Value allow_url_fopen to ON again manually. To resolve this problem for the future we developed a new functions.php. The new functions.php includes a new option to retrieve the videos via the CURL functions in PHP.

We ask all webmasters to urgently check their mobile templates. If you don’t see any thumbnails on your template, your web server is affected by the update.

In this case please contact our live support team or your direct affiliate manager to help you to fix the problem.

Your SGM Team