Mobile Targeting Script

With our mobile targeting script you can monetize from the mobile visitors on your websites. This will generate more cash with the same amount on traffic! more

Mobile Webcam Chat Services

With our mobile webcam chat application we offer you an interactive service with high conversion rates. Our Partners are currently reporting an average revenue per user per month (APRU) of $ 82.00 and a conversion rate of 1/100. more

Corporate Accounts

Are you running your own affiliate program? Or are you selling your own mobile contents to consumers? With you can generate additional profit and extend your current portfolio. Here we show you how! more

Worldwide Billing

Premium SMS and WAP Billing are simple and popular billing options for mobile phones but also credit card and direct debit payments methods are becoming more widely used. We have all the payment methods implemented to charge mobile users world wide. more

Webmaster Tools

It doesn't matter if you want to convert the amount of mobile traffic from your websites, create a mobile site or if you just want to use mobile banners and text links - we offer you the best promo tools! more


For every Euro your user spends you'll receive valuable CashPoints which you can redeem for popular goods. Here are some examples more


If you have questions, need advice or tips – we are always here for you. You can use the following support systems:

What is the fastest way to promote to SGM?

The easiest and fastest way is via the paysites. Send your mobile traffic just a paysite. A link to a paysite, you can generate in the Admin area under Promo Tools.

If I have a product link, in most browsers I get a white page. Why?

All generated codes with the promo tool generator are in valid XHTML format, so our webmaster simply copy the code and paste it into their source code. If you put this links into your web browser you need to remove the entities. “amp;” <;typ=4> <>.

I get the error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_decode ()

This error message occurs if you use PHP 4.x or Json has been disabled on your server. Our new templates offer the possibility to download Json. All you need is in the config.php (new templates) index.php (older templates) the line $ json_encode = 'no'; set to 'yes'.

My branding was not enabled. What did I do wrong?

Because we work directly with the network operators we are forced to show only PG16 (softcore) content, to make sure that we don´t violate this rules, every topbanner has to be controlled and approved by our admin team. If your banner is not PG 16 is we can not activate it, unfortunately.

I updated my branding and it has been set approved but I still see the old banner?

The banner will be stored up to 24 in our internal the cache. So the new banner will be displayed at least after 24 hours.

Which countries convert the best?

Currently we convert best in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

I have a website but no mobile page. How can I change this?

We offer all our Webmaster various mobile templates. A template usually looks like our mobile Paysites, but have the advantage that our webmaster can host themselves and do seo work and and more content. The latest mobile templates they can request any time via the following email: or on our support blog

Can I refer a webmaster and how much I get paid ?

Yes, if you reffer a Webmaster you will get 10% on his sales commision. The Referral Link can be found at the promo tools in the admin area.

What are the cashpoints?

Cash Points are a bonus that SexGoesMobile give for the webmasters generate revenue. For each Euro you get 1 cashpoint. 500 Cash Points correspond to a 10 € voucher from Amazon.

I want to exchange my cashpoints but I don´t want the suggested products?

The cash points are paid with Amazon vouchers, the proposed products are only examples you will get a voucher with the value for example product you choose.

What is a mobile redirect script?

It is a script that mobile user detects and redirects to a mobile website. We offer htaccess and php scripts that all used and proved by many webmasters. We advice all Webmaster not to use Java redirect, as this may cause lost in the google rankings. You can find all our redirect script at or contact your affiliate manager for best support.

Where can I find the latest mobile templates?

Since the template update very often and we have many different templates, the best way is to contact our support team ( . A wide selection is also on our blog Ideally, you send us an email with your domains, so we can pick the template that fits best your type of content and language and create a kind of whitelabel branding for you.

How long is the subscriptions time for users in Germany?

A subscription in Germany will be rebilled every 7 days till the user cancels.

Which other content offer SGM to promote?

We can provide templates with a pure Livecam solutions, PG 12 rated templates for video or our non-adult funny video template.

In the statistics area I can see revenues for one and the same product in one country which are sometimes higher and sometimes lower. Are your statistics working correctly?

We can look after the contents and structure of the page. You can simply bind them together with your URL. In doing so, you can design your logo and a part of the layout yourself.

In which countries can I generate turnovers?

In general you can generate revenues globally. Thanks to our complex and muliple billing integrations we're able to charge consumer via Premium SMS, operator billing, credit card and direct debit around the world.

I can't see my webmaster ID within the promo tools as product links or banners. Is this correct?

Yes it is correct. We don't use the webmaster id in the promo tools. We use other unique parameters which are mapped against your webmaster account.

Do I need for every single country a different product link/banner?

No - our promo tools are working world-wide. Our system has an automated intelligence to gather information about country, handset, carrier and other information. As soon the system has collected this information the user will automatically get the best solution for his country.

Why do you pay after 30 days and not earlier?

We have mobile Billing systems in more than 25 countries giving us access to 100+ carriers. Normally they need between 60 - 90 days to pay us! So we give you advanced cash with our 30 day payment

Do I need one of these .mobi Domains to sell mobile content?

No! You can easily use every other top level domain. You can also use sub domains!