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World-wide Billing

What good is having best product, if your customer is not able to pay for it?

With our state of the art billing-connections we offer you unique billing opportunities for all of your customers. Our billing system includes the following mechanisms: Premium SMS (Premium Text-messages), direct operator billing (phone bill), credit card, and direct debit.

We have operator billing in place in 51 countries (and this is still expanding), enabling your customers to pay with a simple click, and getting the receipt on their phone bill. Alternatively, in countries where operator billing for adult content is not applicable the customer can pay using credit/debit card or direct debit from his bank account.

Here are the different payment methods we use. :

1. Premium SMS

This is the oldest of all payment methods on mobile devices. In our opinion, this method had its day when people used it to pay for pictures and videos; however, we're still using it with our player as it is comfortable and quick. Premium SMS charges the phone bill of an end user.

2. WAP Billing (The payment system of the mobile network provider)

These days, many operators have their own billing system which can be used directly in the mobile internet. That means the user doesn't have to abort the session to send a SMS. In addition, the payouts are usually higher than those for Premium SMS,and the customer can pay with just one click on their device.. With this method, the user can comfortably pay on his mobile phone bill.

3. Credit Card

Billing via credit card is also an interesting payment method. It's obvious that it's difficult to implement directly in more than 130 countries therefore;therefore we used credit/debit card billing on mobile. The user has to insert his credit card information in his mobile which isn't particularly quick; however, especially in North America and other countries, this doesn't seem to be a problem. In addition, the operator's encryption mechanisms are used. The payout is significantly higher with credit card billing than with other payment methods.

4. Direct Debit

Credit card penetration in Europe is smaller than in other countries and people are quite sensitive about their credit card data. Many people prefer and are used to pay via direct debit. This is easier and compatible for the customer. Further the payout and the spending limits are significantly higher than with the other payment methods.